Cleaning can prolong the service life of membrane structure engineering

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Since it was invented after the membrane structure is gradually replaced the traditional materials as bike shed by using a material structure, because the material is more excellent than other materials performance and its the correlation of the use of environmental performance in line with national policy. But membrane structure sheds in use process will appear rusty phenomenon because of some external conditions, derusting can prolong the service life of membrane structure engineering. By membrane structure companies below small make up for you to introduce membrane structure engineering scaling method!!!!

First carport membrane structure on the basis of the traditional technology of its appearance and have made some improvement on performance, so it not only appearance looks very beautiful its advanced structural design method is effective to ensure the quality of the bike shed. Membrane structure bike shed at the same time compared to the traditional architecture can inspire more imagination, it will inject the different designer's design concept, the whole structure looks full of energy. In addition, the particularity of membrane material determines its waterproof and fireproof performance is very good, the full nature of light and heat source, for people to save energy effectively. It will beautiful streamlined appearance design its own perfect fusion with surrounding buildings, artistic quality and economical is set at a suit.

Due to the membrane structure engineering in the process of installation to use to a lot of metal parts, these parts in rain and snow weather and surface rust easily. If not handled in time not only affect beautiful, solid performance also have an effect on its own. So be on the rust removal. Generally one of the main ways of cleaning and mechanical cleaning, now the latter used more. Because this kind of structure tend to have a certain span and height requirements, and components also has certain concealment, so artificial way some difficulties. So the special cleaning equipment for the way of using the mass ejection derusting descaling, can effectively improve the hardness on the surface of the membrane material and steel corrosion resistance, and effectively improve its fatigue strength.

Know the rust removal method of membrane structure engineering, also note the membrane structure bike shed the descaling process has certain environmental requirements, at the time of rust removal in addition to its abrasive to meet certain requirements, also to ensure that the air relative humidity should be reasonable. And, of course, the rust removal process must be on a regular basis and need to return parts to rust removing rust.

Membrane structure companies, derusting membrane structure is the important way to extend the service life of membrane structure carport, derusting can prolong the service life of membrane structure engineering!

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