The application and features of two kinds of membrane structure

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An ideal indoor sports venues, the basic requirements are: big space, big span, without pillar (or less) the post without glare.

As a result, the examination and approval is simple, quick construction, modern modelling, economic benefits of membrane structure has been a lot of urgent need to build the indoor sports venues selection of customers.

Membrane structure architecture: adopt high strength polyester fiber weaving, coating has high strength self-cleaning coating of the architectural membrane material, the steel structure, wire, or inflatable structure under the action of forming. With approval fast, low cost, save investment; Good air tightness and thermal insulation; Fire retardant, large span and large space; Simple structure, short construction period; Environmental protection; The service life of more than 15 years, etc.

Here enclosed membrane structure stadiums common in two forms:

 1. The pneumatic membrane structure, membrane by the perimeter beam base body, inflatable mechanical system, control and monitoring system, design of electric system and the import and export system (air conditioning and fan selection).

First according to the site size, the use of architectural membrane material by hot cutting, synthesis of a large "balloon", and then fixed on the ground ring beam construction completion in advance, the use of form a complete set of pressure control system in the building, keep indoor and a certain pressure difference (1.001 ~ 1.003 times of indoor air pressure for outdoor. People and objects through the air lock exit), make the cover on the membrane body is buoyancy, and produce certain tensile stress, so as to guarantee the system stiffness and molding.

The characteristics of the pneumatic membrane structure, is good in sealing, cut off from the air outside, the haze effect is remarkable, but also because of this, inflatable membrane structure need fresh air system or indoor air cleaning (loop) system, in order to prevent the hot, keep the human body comfort. In addition, due to a lack of steel structural support, inflatable membrane indoor air pressure must be through the intelligent control system monitoring, and control the aeration equipment charging at any time, and set the air pressure automatic control system, to adjust the indoor and outdoor air pressure in a timely manner, so as to adapt to the change of external load, guarantee the stability of the structural system.

Special architectural form, makes the inflatable membrane had the characteristics of other buildings can replace:

1, quick construction, on-site installation can generally be completed in 1 weeks;

2, big span, without support, has recorded the current large inflatable membrane span of 200 meters;

3, fully enclosed with no gap, so the dust effect is good, only by special equipment.

It is because the airtight sex of the pneumatic membrane structure, leading to adopt this structure should be considered routine maintenance costs (mainly in machinery motor and control system), in addition to consider confined Spaces is inevitable pressure difference and ventilation and temperature control, to ensure human body comfort.

In my personal view, inflatable membrane structure is more suitable for teaching, show, shopping, warehousing and so on need for vigorous exercise.

2, the frame (frame) type membrane structure: by the underlying framework, steel structure, membrane monomers.

As shown in figure, in a cage football coverage, for example:

The cage football field, can be seen as a playground, fenced in now we along the surrounding the stadium, built a removable type steel structure frame, then put one standard size of architectural membrane removable independent units, each installation. After all installed, that is, into a fully enclosed indoor sports hall.

Membrane structure framing pavilion, compared with the inflatable stadium, its characteristic is: according to the selected terrain, coverage but can small; High space utilization; When need to be closed, but totally enclosed, need well ventilated daylighting, can be partial or all of the open; With steel structure support, so do not need additional machinery aeration at any time, daily maintenance cost is low; And there is no pressure difference, outdoor as a closed stadium, body feels natural and comfortable in the movement.

Membrane structure without programming problem, also can match with other building materials, become the characteristics of long-term closed venues: (pictured)

Above all, choose membrane structure as the sports venues closed material, has the following features:

1, as a "overlay", easy approval;

2, quick construction;

3, building light weight, easy to remove

4, modelling changeable, beautiful and durable.

5, environmental protection, almost do not produce construction waste in the installation process

6, the price is cheap

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