The bird's nest to choose the reason of PTFE membrane structure

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ETFE thoroughly for recycling material, can use again produce new membrane materials, perhaps impurity separation after production of other ETFE products. PVC, PTFE, ETFE and completely different, like a car as we know, the 1 to 2 is simple, and the two completely different to the three.

Start, the bird's nest to PTFE has the following reasons:

1, the membrane area is bigger than the water cube at least half, such a large area is used, is not in the world, the membrane structure and steel structure connection has great difficulty;

2, the large area of open roof increased the planning and construction of the difficulty, I'm afraid is unique in the world now;

3, avoid danger, two national stadium, is already water cube with ETFE, bird's nest to PTFE are also understandable;

4, ETFE do have strengths, but also have shortcomings, and the bird's nest is more need PTFE strengths, in other words, PTFE is more suitable for the bird's nest, from various viewpoints such as structure;

To sum up, the bird's nest chooses PTFE membrane structure to a certain extent, to avoid the danger, taking everything into consideration, PTFE membrane is more suitable for the bird's nest.

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