From the "water cube" understand inflatable tensioned membrane structure

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Carport membrane structure in China, the use of inflatable membrane structure after the introduction of foreign technology, based on the start of digestion and bold innovation, from design to construction process, to overcome the problems have not come into contact with many foreign and has carried on the supplement to a number of vacancies at home and abroad, from design to acceptance of the entire process to form a complete set of system, the application of the pneumatic membrane structure is becoming more and more widely.

"Water cube" is a very typical inflatable membrane structure architecture, its appearance is composed of a number of different sizes, shapes, rise of ETFE air pillow, the pale blue membrane and the inner layer of the outer use plating film in sunlight let ETFE air pillow appears two highlights, more reflects the characteristics of the blisters. This unique to light control technology, makes the "water cube" has become the world's unique architectural form, showed no happened in the overall architecture of the artistic effect. Air pillow though different sizes at the same time, the high-profile split vector control within the span of 12 to 15 $%, this is the overall effect, the stereo sense is more obvious, the expressive force of building more rich.

Water cube is the use of ETFE pneumatic membrane materials. At the water cube has not been built before, our country has not yet been used in curtain wall ETFE materials precedent. Water cube of the whole building, besides the entrance with a glass in the other place all adopt pneumatic membrane materials, internal without a pillar. Inflated ETFE membrane material with the use of more than ten years history in Europe, are basically in the swimming pool and winter garden architecture, its light quality, good insulation, as well as pervious to light, rain, self-cleaning, large inflatable membrane material building of 30000 square meters.

Water cube project applied to the total 45 of "building 10 new technologies" in our country's technology, especially for complex motor technology, the use of membrane structure and steel structure, the overall level of various related industries are improved, the functions of national swimming center project requirements and be satisfied at the same time, the overall level has reached the level.

Afar "water cube", the building is beautiful and rich poetic flavour, it is a combination of foam and water design concept, the realization abstract geometry theory, it is a box full of bubbles. Application of inflatable membrane structure and many, many, of course, big to the bird's nest sports center, as ordinary carport of membrane structure.

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