Membrane structure compared with other coping material specifications

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With the development of science and technology and era, modern architecture on the basis of meet the demand of traditional, pay more and more attention to practical and beautiful, environmental protection, high-tech concept, the combination of a large number of new building materials market in, membrane structure is one of them.

Membrane structure building is widely used in airports, railway stations, schools, stadiums, exhibition halls, hotels, shopping malls and other places of large span large space, achieved the combination of practical and landscape, increasing the business scope, to lengthen shopping hours and to ensure all-weather use.

Commonly used coping materials will now construction market one by one with the characteristics of membrane roofs is introduced as follows:

A, glass

Belong to the rigid construction materials, pervious to light. Glass material variety, and widely used, mainly used for glass curtain wall construction. Due to the processing, transportation, installation, size and weight constraints, not suitable for large span roofs. Also due to the high pervious to light and high reflective glass, surrounding buildings are easily affected by light pollution, indoor also often need a second to decorate, in order to keep out sunshine point-blank.

Second, choi steel

Refers to the painted steel plate, the price is low, the installation is convenient, with functions of thermal insulation, opaque, if use this kind of material as a coping, when used in actual needs a large number of additional light source lighting facilities, increase operating cost greatly.

By choi steel is widely used in temporary construction, the farmer's market, the place such as warehouses, factories, construction sites WeiDang, so using color plate cover another result is that: on the top of the directly down the grade of the whole building.

Three, the sunshine board

Sunshine board has pervious to light quality, heat insulation, weather resistance, prevent dewing, light weight, low price;

But life is short, the high cost of maintenance, waterproof problem difficult to solve, and a single shape.

Four manganese plate, aluminum and magnesium

High-end atmosphere and grade, but the construction cost is high.

Opaque, if use this material as a coping, when used in actual needs a large number of additional light source lighting facilities, increase operating cost greatly.

Surface oxidation, more difficult to maintain, waterproof is a big installation problems.

Aluminum and magnesium, manganese plate is mainly used in large public, convention and exhibition center, railway stations, airports, sports center, etc.

Five, the tensioned membrane structure

Building special compared with other top cover structure, membrane material has the following features:

Appearance vogue, aesthetically pleasing; Membrane material is light weight, convenient construction; Suitable for use in large span structures; Membrane rich in building modelling freedom, cost-effective, high security, 15% light transmittance, can satisfy the need of indoor use during the day, and diffuse light, and can prevent the direct sunlight, will not let the user be dazzle light interference.

Through a form below to make a comparison between several kinds of material performance summary:


Each building has its characteristics and scope. Should be choose according to the customer's own actual situation.

Compared with other materials, glass membrane material weight is less than one over ten, due to the light dead weight, can easily achieve span larger coverage requirements; Membrane colorful architectural modeling, novel and unique, rich period flavor, broke the pattern of the traditional building, give a person the fashionable feeling that find everything new and fresh;

Membrane material is both bearing and roof enclosure material, itself but also a good decoration materials, thus as roofing materials can reduce the cost of roofing membrane material; Membrane structure of daily maintenance is minimal.

All kinds of membrane material with good pervious to light quality, the light transmittance about 7% ~ 60%, ETFE (transparent film) light transmittance was 95%, and the higher the sun through the membrane surface can form a natural diffuse light indoors, for most of the day without artificial daylighting, can greatly save energy consumption of artificial lighting, indoor lighting and night may also add to the night sky through the membrane surface like dream at night.


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