Membrane structure how to clean up? Need to pay attention to?

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Membrane structure is the middle of the 20th century developed a kind of new building structure, membrane structure carport is by a variety of high strength thin film materials and stiffening member (steel, steel column or steel cable) through certain way makes its internal produce certain tensile stress in advance in order to form a space shape, as cover structure, and can absorb a certain amount of load is a form of space structure. From the technical level of membrane structure does not necessarily need to be cleaned, for most of the membrane material, cleaning can't extend the working life, but not proper cleaning will shorten its life. But for aesthetic level, regular cleaning, membrane structure can keep the membrane structure and beautiful, when cleaning should use special cleaning agents.

A, in the design and membrane material selection of the influencing factors of dirt accumulation

1, non-stick coating dust of inertia.

2, the air pollution.

3, the local rainfall and frequency.

4, the distance between trees and deciduous trees and viscous pollen.

5, pigeons and seagull bird droppings.

6, the roof tilt (avoid smaller slope, because rain can't completely discharged, the remaining water evaporation after there will be a stain residue).

Second, the structure of the membrane cleaning mainly includes the following attention

1, the larger particles dust should rinse.

2 by the processors, used solvents and matching with the corresponding soft brush, sponge and wash the membrane surface cleaning equipment, and water to dry on the membrane surface before to wash away dirt and cleaner.

3, let cleaner for a few minutes, but avoid cleaning area is dry.

4, for stubborn stains may require a high concentration of detergent scrub, but avoid scrape the surface of membrane material.

5, cleaning of the membrane surface, wash with water until no detergent residues on the membrane surface.

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