After-sale service

1、Our company has set up a group of strong emergency maintenance service team, with rich experience in the field, any problems can be rushed to the scene in a short time for maintenance and replacement.

2、Regular return visits to the project. The surface of the membrane should not be in contact with knives and sharp tools, so as not to scratch and abrade the surface of the membrane.

3、Once scratches and serious abrasions are found, effective measures should be taken in time to avoid more serious abrasions and notify our company that our company will send people to the scene to repair them in a short time.

4、Response time: the overall warranty period is 1 years, and the membrane material warranty is 15-20 years. Free warranty will be carried out during the warranty period. Personnel will be present within 48 hours on the date of receiving the notice of repair. Only basic cost will be charged for lifelong maintenance after the warranty period.

5、Our company can train daily operators free of charge.

24 hours customer service phone:400 699 7870

24-Hour Hour Hotline400-699-7870

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