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Release time: 2018-11-19

Inflatable building:Inflatable structure is a special form of membrane structure, which uses the difference between internal and external pressure to tense the membrane surface to resist external loads. The inflatable membrane structure can be divided into three types according to its shape: single-layer inflatable membrane structure, double-layer inflatable membrane structure and tubular inflatable membrane structure.

Generally, it consists of ring beam foundation, membrane, pneumatic mechanical system, control and monitoring system, electrical design system and import and export system (air conditioning and fresh air fan selection).


1、Super-long span: The system overcomes the difficulties encountered by traditional structures in realizing large-span buildings, and can cover large-span space without internal support.

2、The color of membrane material is various, and it is free to choose.

3、Easy to assemble and disassemble, and temporary or long-term buildings can be built as required.

4、Anti haze effect is remarkable.

5、Construction and installation period is very short.

6、Better Acoustic Performance: The general membrane structure is almost transparent at low frequencies below 60 Hz and has a stronger sound absorption effect than glass.

Scope of application: teaching, exhibition, shopping, storage, chemical industry, environmental protection and so on.

The inflatable membrane is made of transparent ETFE and ordinary white film.

ETFE Chinese Name: ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer.

Colorless and transparent granular nodal crystals.

Abrasion resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation.

Ultra light weight: 350g/㎡

High durability: over 20 years

Internal pressure control principle

Each unit of ETFE membrane structure is like an air bag, because its internal pressure (200Pa) is greater than the external atmospheric pressure, and it can withstand external rain, snow and wind loads. The atmospheric pressure in the air bag is controlled by fully automatic computer to regulate the internal pressure and ensure that each membrane unit achieves a stable state of atmospheric pressure. 

When snow accumulates, if the load generated by the dead weight and snow load exceeds the internal pressure, the film surface will collapse, so it is necessary to prevent the occurrence of developmental cycling. When standby equipment is set up, in order to prevent tremor during storms and dried-up and dried-up during snowpacks, the automatic control system will increase the internal pressure to 1000Pa to resist snow and wind loads during snowpacks and storms.

Schematic diagram of intermediate membrane nodes

ETFE connection graph

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