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Gymnasium:Gymnasium is a professional place for sports training, sports competition and physical exercise. It is the general name of all kinds of sports venues specially built to meet the needs of sports training, sports competitions and mass sports consumption.

The scale and level of development of sports venues is one of the important symbols of a country's economic development and social civilization. Sports facilities are the material basis for the development of sports, and one of the key factors for popularizing mass sports and improving the level of competitive sports. With the deepening of China's reform and opening up, the rapid transformation of production mode and lifestyle, people are entering the leisure era, leisure time is increasing rapidly, people's values are changing profoundly, people's demand for sports culture, sports leisure, sports fitness is greatly enhanced.

The stadium has a long span, and the roof structure plays an important role in the whole architectural design, which plays a decisive role in the architectural modeling. Membrane structure as a new type of building, compared with the traditional structure, has obvious advantages. Everyone is familiar with and profound for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games National Stadium (Bird's Nest), National Grand Theatre, National Swimming Center (Water Cube).

Membrane structure characteristics:

①Light weight and large span. The outstanding feature of the membrane structure made of building fabrics is light weight, which is different in order of magnitude from the traditional structure and can easily span a large span of tiger.

②The freedom of architectural modeling is rich. Membrane structure architecture is rich and colorful, novel and unique, full of the flavor of the times, breaking the traditional architectural form mode, giving people a fresh feeling.

③The construction is convenient. The cutting and bonding of membrane materials are mainly completed in factories, and the finished products are packaged and transported to the site. It is more convenient than other components, transportation and transportation made by factories.

④Economy. Membrane materials in membrane structures are not only load-bearing components, but also roof envelope materials. They are also good decorative materials. As a roofing material, membrane materials can reduce the cost of roofing; as a result of the reduction of roofing weight, the cost of foundation and main works can be reduced accordingly; and the daily maintenance cost of membrane structures is also very small.

⑤Safety. Membrane structure has good seismic performance because of its light weight. Membrane structure belongs to flexible structure, which can withstand large displacement and is not easy to collapse as a whole. Membrane materials are generally flammable or non-flammable materials, which are not easy to cause fire. Therefore, membrane structure has high safety.

⑥Light transmittance. The film has good transmittance, the transmittance is about 7%-16%, and the transmittance of double-layer film is about 4%-8%. At the same time, the film has refractive index to light (more than 70%). Sunlight penetrates through the film surface to form natural diffuse light indoors. Most of the time during the day, no artificial lighting is needed, which can greatly save the energy consumption of artificial lighting. In the evening, the interior lights add dreamy nightscape to the night sky through the membrane.

⑦Self cleaning. The surface coatings of membrane materials, especially PTFE coatings, have good non-adhesion, dust and dirt in the atmosphere are not easy to adhere to and penetrate, and the dust on the surface of membrane materials is washed clean by rainwater. After years of use, it can still keep the appearance clean and indoor beauty.

Mainly applied to

Sports facilities -- stadium, gymnasium, fitness center, swimming pool, tennis hall, basketball hall, etc.


Golf Course

Sports stand

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