The characteristics of the membrane structure engineering car awnings

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Today we talk about the applicability of the membrane structure engineering characteristics, to show its advantages in the bike shed.

Membrane structure engineering materials imported from the Italian film cloth chi plans to build information. Car sunshade shed pillar skeleton, appearance are disposal to choose rubber primer, epoxy antirust function can reach 10 years, the splendid alkene acid polyurethane paint.

Firstly, weatherability, appearance has a uv co-extrusion layer, can prevent the sun's ultraviolet led resin tired turn yellow. Appearance co-extrusion layer with chemical absorption of ultraviolet rays and translated into visible light. Membrane structure engineering of plant photosynthetic effect of safe effect (suitable for all kinds of car maintenance, precious works of art and exhibits, make it from uv damage).

Second, economy: the discussion indicate that for a long time outdoor parked vehicle, utility loss speed is faster than the shed parked vehicles. Plan and choose membrane canopy can real care for your car, slow down aging velocity of your car. From an economic point of view, membrane structure engineering than man greatly extend your life.

Thirdly, artistic quality, in addition to general rain loose no more useful, after use, the function of wind and rain outside, membrane structure engineering is a sculpture, a work of art, give a person visual enjoyment. Its beauty and its curve, the rigid-flexible economic, its appearance, its pure white and flawless, let a person shine at the moment, with a long finish.

Fourthly, pervious to light: membrane cloth pervious to light function is good (20% light transmittance. In the sunlight membrane structure engineering yellowing, atomization, pervious to light Clinton will not occur.

Fifth, by using: high strength of tensioned membrane material on the market, coupled with the use of tensioning skills, make plans to shed against natural disasters, resistance to wind and snow talent is other rain loose materials no comparison. Good membrane structure engineering of long-term membrane material, don't change color, not loose, duration of up to three or four years. Especially in severe weather the storm, membrane plans to build tall motionless, without damage.

Its six, temperature tolerance: membrane cloth in perturbation clan - 40. C to + 120. C temperature range will not cause deformation and degradation.

Its seven, flame retardant: according to the national GB8624-97 inspection flame retardant B1, no fire, no poison.

Its eight, impact resistance, the impact strength of the film only 250-300 times that of general glass, is yakeli board 20-30 times, 2 times that of toughened glass, almost no risk of cracking, there are "no broken glass" and "ring of steel" laudatory name.

Its simplicity: light weight, must ensure the safety of the tent to human and physical.

Its ten, sound insulation, sound insulation effect better.

Effect of membrane structure engineering canopy: sun, rain, useful and beautiful effect. Above is the applicability of the membrane structure engineering characteristics.

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