Carport tensioned membrane structure need to be aware of the fire protection problems

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Often smoke fire in the event of a strong, strong thermal radiation and the fire extending speed very fast, it not for the membrane structure of the new project we also lack of actual combat experience, for this kind of building fire and its high span large space for the ascent of firefighters, fire water supply and internal work on probing is to bring a lot of suffering. So we need to pay attention to in the usual membrane structure carport fire problem.

Firstly, due to the membrane structure engineering of space span is very big, it is difficult to distinguish between initial fire partition, it is easy to occur when the fire fire phenomenon. Membrane structure have mostly been used Eng architectural exhibition hall and exhibition hall, gymnasium, theatre and the audience, its length, area could be determined according to the need, but if it is used in the market, school, dining hall and other buildings, to distinguish the fire zone was very difficult, but then we all have to suffering fire zone, or in the event of fire, all kinds of vertical channels have played an important role in drawing fire tube, and when the lower flue gas at the membrane surface at the top of the air movement can let a fire spreading horizontally, the fire will be more expand.

Secondly, the construction personnel at the time of erection of membrane structure engineering difficulties.

Membrane structure because of its large span space, construction personnel arrived in outdoor export the ear in membrane space distance is long, so the time is long. Spread smoke up to the level and direction at the same time, blocked the construction personnel in the horizon, increased the difficulty of distractions.

Thirdly, the automatic fire fighting equipment for fire detection is not timely, its role is very difficult to make up the fire.

In general membrane structure engineering of internal space is very high, fire, smoke at the time of extension, automatic detector of action than in the general's action to slow some of the buildings, and we usually use automatic water spray fire fighting devices is difficult to install in the membrane structure engineering, for on-site fire fighting and make up for the membrane structure engineering of the large space fire loss is very difficult.

Above is what we need to pay attention to in daily life of membrane structure sheds the fire problem. Although we all know that membrane structure material itself has the flame retardancy, but different material fireproof rank is also different, according to "code for fire protection design" and "code for fire protection design of tall buildings" mentioned in the class, PTFE membrane material can achieve A level, and on the basis of the nylon fabric coated PVC membrane materials can only achieve B1.

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