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Common roof cover material, through comparing the table below. It is clear that membrane structure of good cost performance.

A few instructions about membrane material properties:

The following figure, membrane material is composed of base cloth and surface coating.

Generally base fabric made by high strength polyester fiber (PVC) membrane material or glass fiber, glass fiber membrane material) woven.

Membrane tensile capacity (stress), determined by the base fabric. Good fiber, woven out of membrane materials, soft and thin, and strength. Now some owner by the thickness of the membrane material alone to determine the tensile resistance of membrane material, is clearly a misunderstanding, or is not correct.

Self-cleaning properties of membrane material itself, by covering the surface of PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coating. The content of coating thickness and coating, coating technology and coating membrane process, will impact on future membrane products self-cleaning function.

Some inferior membrane material, often through with little or no coating self-cleaning coating, or other materials, such as varnish coating, such as to reduce the production cost, in order to achieve the purpose of low price competition. And the customer is hard to through the naked eye to distinguish whether membrane material surface coating by fraud. In general, about 1 year after the completion, use inferior membrane material engineering will appear membrane body loose, creep, membrane material in the mould, black spots, moreover there will be a table coating peel off. Three years later, mildew spot piece, membrane-based cloth wire in the mould is broken, intensity is abate, in the wind blows, the formation of holes, cracks, eventually scrapped broken.

Now many of the several membrane structure engineering basic it is such a problem. The appearance of dirty caused used inferior materials.

Actually, this is completely avoided. Below, by two groups of photos show the question:

The above three images taken in May 2017, project location: yunnan yuxi, completion time: 2006. Using membrane material: imported PTFE glass fiber membrane material.

The figure shown, after eleven years of weathered, membrane material surface bright and clean as new, fully embodies the PTFE self-cleaning glass fiber membrane material height, the characteristics of highly durable (20 years).

Look at the following group:

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